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Volunteer opportunities

To find out more about how Volunteers help us to care for carers [click here]

Volunteer visitors

Volunteer visitors are an essential part of our service. Just a couple of hours per week or fortnight on a day and time to suit YOU could make all the difference to someone’s day. Being a friend and companion is easy having no one to visit is isolating and depressing. Become a visitor and bring a smile to someone’s face.


Coffee Club helpers

Our weekly meetings offer those needing support and carers if they wish to attend the opportunity to meet with others in a similar situation. The clubs offer a range of social and recreational activities which encourage interaction, mental stimulation and above all FUN. Club volunteers help with organising and running of activities, provide assistance and support to those who may need it, and help with serving refreshments.


Telephone Supporters

Carers often feel isolated and alone within their caring role, having someone to talk too on a regular basis can help to improve the stress and anxiety thus promoting well being and a better quality of life. Telephone supporters provide friendly conversation and companionship to individual carers on a pre agreed day and time.


Help in the office

We are looking for volunteers who have worked in an office environment and want to keep up their skills, or are trying to get back into administration work. A couple of hours a week are all we are asking for to provide general office duties and administration backup.


Leaflet distributers / Promotional teams

Leaflet distributers are needed to deliver Support For Carers leaflets within the area they live, helping to raise awareness of our services and the need of volunteers. We are also looking for volunteers who are willing to stand with a display within local venues handing out leaflets and taking details from people who request more information about our services.

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What we offer you?

You will receive all necessary training and ongoing support from
Support For Carers staff along with the great feeling of knowing that you are helping others within the Scarborough district.

Volunteering can be a stepping stone into paid employment and education, we can provide you with an up to date reference or testimonial.

Throughout the year we provide social gatherings so that you can meet with other volunteers, carers and the person they care for.

A Support For Carers Volunteer is a link to the outside world beyond caring.

It’s an opportunity to help others who through the restrictions of their everyday life are not always able to do the things that we take for granted, like going to the shops or meeting a friend.

We offer you friendship and our thanks for helping us support carers. Because without all our volunteers there would be no service and many carers would struggle on regardless having a major impact on their own physical and mental wellbeing.

If you would like any more information regarding volunteering opportunities and would like to talk to someone within Support For Carers please contact us on (01723) 364808 or email us by clicking [here]

Download a volunteer application form [here]

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