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Songs and Scones

Support for Carers Scarborough has joined with Live Music Now to provide a free afternoon of live music each month performed by young professional musicians and followed by tea, cakes and scones. The musicians will sing from a wide repertoire including songs from West End shows, popular tunes and requests from the audience.

Songs and Scones afternoons are provided for those living in rural areas of Scarborough and District.

Future Dates for Songs and Scones

East Ayton Village Hall

Due to the widespread of Coronavirus we have unfortunately had to cancel until further notice.  We will keep you updated on any news.

How to Book

For further information or to book your place call Cheryl Heaton on         

01723 364808

Or email:

Free door to door transport can be provided.

Virtual Country Show August Winners


Prettiest Garden Flower  - White Rhododendron - Submitted by S & C Law


Best Homemade Fairy Garden - Submitted by E Cheyne


Tallest Thistle - submitted by A Cheyne

September Winners


Best decorated digestive biscuit - Submitted by E Cheyne.  Not quite sure how you're going to dunk that in your tea!!!!


Just had to include this one as so made me smile!! - Submitted by A Cheyne


Best decorated cake – men only, submitted by S Law. Can’t believe that this is your first attempt, looks really lovely.


Obviously tastes really lovely too!!!!

The categories for October are-

Best knitted garment or toy

Best painted stone

Closing date for entries is 18th October 2020


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